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BMW Z4 3.0i

Price $40,000



Engine type: DOHC 24 valve inline-6
Displacement: 3.0L (2979cc)
Power: 225 bhp
Torque: 214 lb.-ft.
Redline: 6600 rpm
Transmission: 6 speed manual

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 0-60: 5.4 sec
 0-100: 15.0 sec
 0-150: n/a
 1/4 mile: 14.2 sec @ 98 mph
 Top Speed: 145 mph

    The newest iteration of BMW's small pocket rocket roadster (say what?) is what you are looking at here. It's engine is the well proven 3.0 liter used by the 330i sedan, but here it is carrying about 300 lbs less. That and a 6 speed manual transmission help propel this roadster to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds and cross the 1/4 mile in the low 14s. Ride and handling are inproved too, with 0.9g showing on the skidpad. Although the styling could be a little wierd for some, it's what BMW thinks the future will look like, in the contrary of the retro look the Z3 and Z8 stated previously. All in all, this car is well worth of the BMW badge, and I'm sure BMW will not have problem selling this awesome car to the BMW loyals.