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Lancia Thema 8.32 (Ferrari)

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Lancia Thema 8.32 (Ferrari)


Engine type: DOHC 32 valve V-8 Ferrari engine
Displacement: 2.9L (2927cc)
Power: 215 bhp
Torque: n/a lb.-ft.
Redline: 6750rpm
Transmission: 5 speed manual

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 0-60mph: 6.6 sec (est)
 0-100kph: 6.8 sec
 0-100mph: 17.2 sec
 0-150: N/A
 1/4 mile: 15.1 sec
 0-1000mts: 26.8 sec
 Top Speed: 240 kph (150 mph)

   Produced only between 1987 and 1991 in rather limited number. This model is impossible to fix yourself and is extremely expensive (to buy, to fuel, to insure and to own), but it is worth it! The Thema-shell is hosting a 215 HP Ferrari built and tuned 3.0 litre 32 valve V-8 engine. Standard equipment is "all" (including both el. sun-roof and air condition. Only optional equipment is electrically operated rear leather seats and rear wing which raises on speeds exceeding 80 km/h.

Special thanks to Diederik ten Cate for the information and the pictures.