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00' Honda Accord EX-R

Here is my previous '95 Accord

Price $28,000 (El Salvador)

Honda Accord EX-R


Engine type: SOHC 16 valve inline-4
Displacement: 2.3L (2254cc)
Power: 150 bhp
Torque: 152 lb.-ft.
Redline: 6300 rpm
Transmission: 5 speed manual

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 0-60: 8.1 sec
 0-100: 25.1 sec
 0-150: n/a
 1/4 mile: 16.5 sec @ 85.6 mph
 Top Speed: 122 mph

   Well, at this moment the car has only 1000 km on it, and my experience has not been long, since the car I drive the most is the Civic. But from my short experience with it, I can only say that it doesn't like to be pushed hard. Perhaps that is because the engine was too green the day I drove it to the beach. Also, the tires squeal fast during not-so-hard cornering, although I think that it is because Honda decided to put comfort oriented tires on it. Lower profile tires will help a lot, but these 195/65 tires will last forever, since we don't put too many miles in it. As for the styling, it grows on you... at the beginning I thought it looked too conservative, but from some angles, it actually looks good, plus, the wheels give it the sporty look it has, if I can say that. Fatter rubber should also help a lot, and lowering the suspension a bit would be even better.

UPDATES: Ok, I think enough time has passed. The Accord now has well over 20,000 kms. I've driven it a couple times now, enough to tell how it drives. The first thing you notice is how smooth it rides. Power delivery is linear with no sinkholes in the powerband. Acceleration is decent by today standards. Now the engine has passed it's break-in period, and feels quite strong. Low rpm power is good and throttle response is right now. Handling is not really a strong point. The suspension is tuned more towards comfort and smoothness, so there's a lot of travel. Brake hard and the nose dives deep down. The tires squeal soon too, but transitions are good feeling and give good confidence to the driver. If anything should be changed, it's the tires. Stickier tires might sometimes be louder, but they not only provide better handling, they also provide more security in any emergency maneuver, plus better braking performance. However, for a family sedan, the Accord provides the performance and economy any family might need, and that's where it excels.